January 5, 2010

Milwaukee Road records collection added

MPL's digital collections have just expanded to include its first collection not covering photographs but records instead.
MPL was designated as the official archives of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad in 1981, when documents were first received from the Railroad. Additional material was received in 1985, after the CMStP&P was incorporated into the Soo Line Railroad.

MPL's Milwaukee Road Archives are extensive and the various collections include corporate records, photographs, drawings and a small selection of employee records.

The records covered in the Milwaukee Road Archives digital collection relate to those Milwaukee Road employee records. This collection represents the initial stage in providing electronic access to these various materials included in the Milwaukee Road Archives.

In this initial stage, the digital collection includes indexes to the selection of employee records that are part of the physical Milwaukee Road Archives. The records themselves come from nine different collections of employee records. The dates covered by these collections range from 1817 through 1985. While the records are by no means a comprehensive listing of every employee who ever worked for the Milwaukee Road this digital collection is a great resource for researchers, historians, hobbyists and family genealogists with an interest in, or a connection to the Milwaukee Road.

Check MPL's website for this and more digital collections.

September 26, 2009

More street photos added

House at 3046 N Cambridge AveWe have added more street photos to the Milwaukee Historic Photos collection.

To view some of the street photos that have been added click on the street names below:
Branting Lane
Bremen Street
Brisbane Avenue
Brown Street
Bruce Street
Buffalo Street
Burleigh Street
Burnham Street
Burrell Street
Cambridge Avenue
Canal Street
Capitol Drive
Cass Street

August 18, 2009

New additions to Milwaukee Historic Photos

We have added a bunch of new photos to Milwaukee Historic Photos over the past few weeks. These photos are from a number of different subject areas.
Boys and girls at St. Joseph's Orphanage
The new subject headings from which photos have been added are:
Victory Gardens

July 29, 2009

Radio & Television added

The newest subject addition to Milwaukee Historic Photos is the Radio & Television category.
Mayor Hoan and others on WOKY.

In this category, photos of Milwaukee's electronic media are available. Photos of Milwaukee's historic radio stations include WTMJ, WISN, and WOKY.

For Milwaukee historic television stations, the stations WMVS-TV and WMVT-TV, WISN-TV, WITI-TV, and WTMJ-TV are included.

The photos include pictures of facilities, news casts, programming and more. Make sure to browse through the available photos on Radio and Television.

More historic images than you imagined.

The Milwaukee Public Library is a participant in the Wisconsin Heritage Online project.

If you enjoy the digital collections found on the MPL website, you may also enjoy seeing how our images fit into the big picture of other collections from libraries, museums and historical societies located all around the state. To see which institutions participate in Wisconsin Heritage Online click here.

Genealogists, in particular, may find treasured nuggets of information from the rich collection of local history documents that are indexed in Wisconsin Heritage Online.

July 23, 2009

New Remember When records added!

More photos have been added to the Remember When digital collection.
Kupper Jewelers
Find out more about the growth of St. Mary's and St. Luke's Hospitals. Visit the corner of Clybourn Street that used to be the Northwestern Furniture Store and is now transformed into Joey Buona's Pizzeria. Get up close and personal with Kupper Jewelers or gaze at the enormous department store of bygone days, Chapman's. Reminisce about killing time in the TMER&L waiting room or going to the movies on Villard Avenue.

No matter which captures your fancy, you'll return to learn things you never knew about Milwaukee.

July 18, 2009

Index to Historic Photo Collection subject headings

While MPL's digital collections continue to grow, the majority of the photos that will be included in these collections still only exist in physical form.

At this date, the photos in the Milwaukee Historic Photos digital collection number somewhere around 950 images. Currently, the estimated size of the Historic Photo Archives is closer to 50,000 images, so the Historic Photos digital collection represents a very small percentage of the photos available.

The remaining, non-digitized portion of the collection is available for viewing. The Historic Photo Collection Subject Index is arranged by subject headings and sub-headings. The sub-headings break down the major subject headings and give a specific idea of what is held in the collection. Each sub-heading refers to a specific folder or area of one of the many collections included in the Historic Photo Archives.

Each folder may contain one to a few hundred images.

The subject heading index can be found with the rest of the Finding Tools for MPL's special collections and unique resources.

For more questions about the Historic Photo Archives, call the Humanities Department at (414) 286-3061. Questions can also be addressed through MPL's Ask?Away email service.

July 14, 2009

MPL's newest digital collection

The Milwaukee Public Library is launching its latest digital collection: Milwaukee Mayors.

Solomon Juneau, Milwaukee's first mayor

This collection includes photos or drawings of all but one of Milwaukee mayors, past and present. A biographical sketch of each mayor is also included. This is a great way to see what the leaders of the City of Milwaukee looked like, and also learn a little about them.

Most of the information, and many of the images for this collection come from the book Biographical sketches of the mayors of the City of Milwaukee, a volume of images and information put together by MPL's staff over the years.

Additional photos were pulled from the Humanities Department's Historic Portrait Collection, which has portraits of many prominent Milwaukee citizens and visitors.

July 10, 2009

Streets of Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Historic Photos digital collection has now been around for more than a year. In that time the collection has grown from the 150 photos that were available when the collection launched, to the more than 800 that are now available.
House on Astor Street

The first group of photos to start being digitized have been photos under the subject heading of Historic Buildings. We are coming to the end of the subject heading, and are now starting to digitize photos under the subject heading of Streets.

In MPL's physical photo collection, Streets is the most heavily used portion. As a result, we are very excited to have started this area of the collection.

As well as being the most heavily used portion of the collection, it is also the most extensive; so while this process may take some time, it will be well worth it.

The streets that have been added so far are:
Adler Street
Aldrich Street
Appleton Avenue
Arthur Avenue
Astor Street
Atkinson Avenue
Barclay Street
Bay Street
Becher Street
Bluemound Road
Brady Street

To see what other Milwaukee streets are available to view at the library, but haven't been digitized, check out the Streets heading in the Historic Photo Collection subject heading index, now available to view from the Finding Tools page on the MPL website.

July 7, 2009

National Soldier's Home photos added

Photos of the National Soldier's Home (also known as Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center, Veterans Administration Hospital, Old Soldier's Home, National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers. Northwestern Branch, Wood, Wisconsin, and other names over the years) have been added to the Milwaukee Historic Photos digital collection.
The main building at the National Soldier's Home

The images that have been added include photos and drawing of the buildings and grounds of the Soldier's Home, and range from the late 19th century through the 1950's. More recent photos will be added shortly.

To see the photos of the Soldier's Home in Milwaukee Historic Photos, click here.