Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos


Cornelia, Teo and Clare were introduced in de los Santos' debut novel, Love Walked In, when they were living in the heart of New York City. This novel finds them ready to leave urban life behind as they move to suburban Philadelphia. Among a pack of hypercritical neighbors, led by Piper Pruitt, Cornelia experiences a rough time. She didn’t anticipate the transition to suburban life being this tough; what to do but search for comfort in a dish of Pasta Puttanesca? She finds what she hopes are friends in clever waitress Lake and her exceptionally bright son Dev.

Piper has her own struggles; her best friend Elizabeth is struggling with cancer. In spending all her time and energy caring for her she alienates her husband, Kyle, and children. The characters lives all become entwined and as they learn to accept and love one another you too, may find yourself making a space for them in your heart. Check catalog for availability.

This story is so well written and individually compelling that you shouldn’t hesitate to jump right in without reading Love Walked In.

- Submitted by Jacki




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