Queens & Seamstresses


The Queen's Handmaiden by Jennifer Ashley, 2007

The narrator of this story, seamstress Eloise, becomes Princess Elizabeth's favorite lady-in-waiting. She recounts her own story as well as Elizabeth's from childhood to the throne. Check catalog for availability.

I found this book a bit dull and slow until the end when the action, danger and romance picked-up. I would recommend the following books instead.


The Queen's Fool: A Novel by Philippa Gregory, 2004

The narrator of this story, the court's fool and secretly Jewish, Hannah Green, recounts the turbulent and dangerous times of Queen Mary and later Queen Elizabeth. Gregory offers more depth in her characters, an intricate plot and a bit of magic to these historic times. Check catalog for availability.

Gregory's style and attention to detail make for an enthralling read.


The Innocent: A Novel by Posie Graeme-Evans, 2004

The narrator and main character of this story, Anne de Bohun recounts her own tale as an herbal healer, business woman and mistress to King Edward IV. Anne finds numerous enemies and almost insurmountable dangers everywhere she goes. The action is nonstop, but unwanted by Anne. First book in a trilogy. Check catalog for availability.

Although I found some of Anne's adventures to be unbelievable, the action kept me quickly reading until I completed book three.

- Submitted by Paula @ MPL Central




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