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Author: Trevor Corson

I recently read a couple of excellent non-fiction titles by Trevor Corson. In each he explores a modern day activity and deftly blends in extremely well-researched historical and scientific context. The results make for both entertaining and informative reading.


The Zen of Fish (2007)
Corson follows a class as they progress through an intensive twelve week course at the California Sushi Academy. He puts special focus on student Kate, who gets off to a shaky start but determinedly finds her way. Throughout, Corson gives one plenty to think about, especially in terms of sushi etiquette and fish species conservation. Highly recommended for sushi aficionados. Check catalog for availability.


The Secret Life of Lobsters (2005)
In this earlier work, Corson documents not only the lives of lobsters but also a lobster fishing community in Maine and several lobster-studying scientists. Lobsters definitely have odd social customs and especially unique sex lives. And the men and women who spend their lives harvesting and researching lobsters are an interesting bunch as well. All in all, a gripping read. Check catalog for availability.

- Submitted by Tom @ MPL Central


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