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(not your average) Cinema Guides

If you love movies but are tired of the same boring film lists that seem to endlessly repeat themselves, take a look at two very different books that celebrate cinema from slightly twisted perspectives -


The Film Club by David Gilmour (2008)
Movies have always mattered to Canadian film critic and novelist David Gilmour, so when his unhappy teenage son, Jesse, wants to drop out of high school they strike a deal. David will allow it on two conditions: Jesse must avoid drugs and must agree to watch three dad-selected movies per week with David. The resulting memoir offers insights into a sometimes stormy father-son relationship and chronicles David's viewing suggestions (everything from The Bicycle Thief to Showgirls). Check catalog for availability.


10 Bad Dates With De Niro edited by Richard T. Kelly (2008)
Kelly has put together a collection of favorite movies submitted by directors, fans, screenwriters, obsessives, playwrights and more arranged into some rather provocative categories:

- "Ten Films to Avoid on Medication (or Within Reach of a Cutlery Drawer)"
- "Ten Best Screen Drunks"
- "Playing God? Somebody Has To! – Ten Mad Movie Scientists"
- "Manicure Madness – Ten Shining Examples of Notable Nail Varnish"

There’s a list for every taste… take a look at "Are You Gonna Swallow That?" for proof. Check catalog for availability.

- Submitted by Christine @ MPL Central


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