The Art of Racing in the Rain


The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

Do you ever wonder what dogs are thinking? Meet Enzo, he's a philosopher (and narrator) who has watched extensive amounts of television, knows a lot about race car driving and believes most of life can be navigated in much the same way that a driver navigates a race track.

Enzo is a Lab terrier mix and is eternally frustrated that he can't speak and doesn't have opposable thumbs like his master, Denny. Denny works in an auto repair shop to earn money so he can race cars. They live in Seattle together, quite happily as bachelors, until Eve comes along, and later, a daughter named Zoe. Though it takes some time for Eve and Enzo to warm up to each other, it does happen. Then Eve's health takes a turn for the worse. She experiences excruciating headaches with more and more frequency and isn’t diagnosed until it’s too late.

This begins a 3-year custody battle between Eve's parents and Denny for daughter Zoe. Denny is accused of rape, causing even more trouble, but he struggles on. Just as he nearly gives up Enzo provides some very timely help. Check catalog for availability.

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