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Urban Fiction

During the 1970s Donald Goines and Iceberg Slim delivered ‘Urban Fiction’ to readers. Sister Souljah’s Coldest Winter Ever in 1999 and Teri Woods True to the Game strengthened the genre and attracted female readers and writers to what had been a male dominated field. Souljah is unapologetic in tone and honestly depicts the realities of her protagonist. Wood is a star at writing fast-paced stories and has many worthy contemporaries including Vicki Stringer, founder of Triple Crown Publications.

Triple Crown is arguably the most prolific publisher of Urban Fiction, representing writers like Nikki Turner, Keisha Ervin and Tracy Brown, however, the genre keeps growing and here are a few titles hitting MPL’s shelves this summer that you won’t want to miss:

Payback with Ya Life by Wahida Clark
Pregnant by the married Forever, Shan is desperate to start a new life for herself and her baby. She leaves Memphis for Detroit, but the street drama follows her as the now-incarcerated Forever is transferred to a facility in Motor City, and her brother, Peanut, is set on revenge against the thugs who did him wrong. Wires and women are crossed in a storm of action wherein many pay the game back with their lives. Check catalog for availability.

Twisted by Tracy Brown
In a desperate effort to escape her drama-filled life (recounted in Dime Piece), Celeste burns down her Brooklyn, NY, salon and moves to Atlanta. However, tranquility doesn’t last long because Celeste’s lover—a very married drug kingpin named Rah-lo—tracks her down. On his heels is Asia, his scorned, estranged wife. As old characters enter Celeste’s new life, things get really twisted. Check catalog for availability.

Street Vengeance by Evie Rhodes
Eighteen-year-old Brandi Hutchinson is a nice girl with a bright academic future, but her family can’t afford to send her to college. This disappointment—along with the trauma of witnessing her best friend's being beaten into paralysis by police following a rap concert—ignites Brandi’s vengeful side as she heads her own street posse, which gains a reputation for highly organized ruthlessness. But a rival girl gang lead by "Left Eye" challenges Brandi’s status in the hood. At the same time, Ajani enters Brandi’s life, except he’s not the love she thinks he is. At the height of a gang war between the two factions, the murder of a loved one leads Brandi to a change of heart and down a new path. Check catalog for availability.


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