Author: Geraldine Brooks


People Of The Book: A Novel (2008)
Hanna Heath, a book conservator and scholar, researches the history of a rare and priceless Hebrew illuminated manuscript. Each chapter reveals more details about the travels, creation and people connected with the manuscript. The characters all narrate their own part of this fascinating story engaging the reader in multiple histories going farther and farther back in time. Check catalog for availability.


March: A Novel (2005)
Geraldine Brooks recounts the life and adventures of the absent father, March, from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. This is an interresting twist to be sure. March narrates his life events and thoughts as he encounters different people and difficult situations. Unfortunately, his choices are often to his detriment. At the close of the novel Brooks writes a very interesting chapter narrated by March's wife. Check catalog for availability.


Year Of Wonders: A Novel Of The Plague (2001)
An unforgettable tale of the Black Death hitting the small English village of Eyam in 1666 is told through the eyes of a young woman in this beautifully written historical novel. Anna, a young widow, is an engaging and strong lead character in this gripping novel of the power of Nature, and ultimately, hope. Check catalog for availability.

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