Author: Joe Meno

Hailing from Chicago, Joe Meno has emerged as one of my favorite writers of contemporary fiction. He has a new book, Demons In The Spring, on the way in September. In the meantime, his previous two efforts are well worth a read:


The Boy Detective Fails (2006)
Meno's semi-surreal tale of Billy Argo, a noted detective as a child, now back on the beat at 30-years-old and having just been released from a long stay at a mental hospital. Though often classified as Young Adult, this equally melancholic and charming novel will also appeal to young-minded adults of any age. Check catalog for availabilty.


Bluebirds Used To Croon In The Choir: Stories (2005)
This collection of short stories seamlessly wanders between mundane blue collar reality and surreal moments of pure beauty. At times comic, at times tragic, hands down the best short story collection I've read in quite some time and represents Meno's most "adult" writing to date. Check catalog for availabilty.

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