The Sister by Poppy Adams

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This understated debut novel tells the story of two sisters, Ginny and Vivi, and how families are capable of doing anything for one another.
sister.gif Ginny watches from their childhood mansion, now in ruin, as her sister Vivien arrives home for the first time in nearly fifty years. Ginny follows a strict routine, rarely goes out and carries on her father’s work as a lepidopterist. As they talk about the past, they realize their memories of childhood differ in crucial and disturbing ways. Deeply buried resentments resurface and Ginny won’t stand to have her schedule disrupted so she uncharacteristically takes action.

This story took me a little time to get into, and I couldn’t say for sure which ‘sister’ is The Sister from the title. Probably, it doesn't matter. If you get through the authors somewhat detail laden chapters on the specifics of moths you’ll likely find the end to be quite a surprise. I sure did! Check the catalog for availability.

1 Comment

I am in the midst of reading this right now and I am finding it quite intriguing. The author is doing a good of setting up years of "a not so connected" sisterly relationship so as to make the reader want to find out the who and when and why of what will finally transpire. I promise not to cheat and look ahead!




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