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The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry

If you can squeeze in one more book before summer ends, make it The Lace Reader. This debut novel was self published in 2006 and then picked up by William Morrow and is undoubtedly 2008's 'it' book.

Ms. Barry opens with an ominous, "My name is Towner Whitney. No, that's not exactly true. My real first name is Sophya. Never believe me. I lie all the time. . ." So, how much of the rest should we believe?

Towner Whitney is part of a family of Salem women who can read the future in the patterns in lace, and who have guarded a history of secrets going back generations, but the disappearance of two women brings Towner home to Salem and the truth about the death of her twin sister to light. Secrets, lies, and half-truths abound. It can be difficult to separate what's real from what isn't, but as Towner points out early in the story, "There are no accidents." Check the catalog for availability.


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