Urban Fiction: The Sequels

Shameless Hoodwives by Meesha Mink and De'nesha Diamond is the second installment in the "Hoodwives" series (after Desperate Hoodwives.) Miz Cleo and Osceola return to bequeath more wisdom on the young women of the Bentley Manor housing project. Check the catalog for availability.

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Who’s Loving You by Mary B. Morrison is the follow-up to Sweeter Than Honey and tells the story of one woman’s journey to reclaim her lost lover and her lost self-love. Zane readers won’t be disappointed; the steamy, erotic scenes may not be for those with more conservative tastes. Check the catalog for availability.

Never Enough by Miasha is effectively a sequel to the best-selling Secret Society and continues transgendered Celess’s tumultuous life story. Check the catalog for availability.




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