The deadliest hurricane in history

Isaac's Storm: A man, a time, and the deadliest hurricane in history (1999) by Erik Larson
This non-fiction historically accurate suspense book reads like a novel and takes place in the city of Galveston in 1900. Although indigenous weathermen from Cuba predicted a terrible storm, America’s Weather Bureau disagreed. The children of Galveston frolicked in the water flooding the city streets as others flocked to the beaches to see the beautiful waves. Little did they know, their city was about to be devastated by the most horrific hurricane to ever hit the shores of America. Check catalog for availability.

Erik Larson is also the author of the well known The Devil in the White City: Murder, magic, and madness at the fair that changed America.

Galveston and the 1900 Storm (2000) by Patricia Bellis Bixel and Elizabeth Hayes Turner
This is a non-fiction illustrated account of the 1900 Galveston hurricane and an excellent companion to Erik Larson's book. Check the catalog for availability.

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