Ray Davies - Not Like Everybody Else by Thomas Kitts


When Ray Davies and his younger brother Dave belted out the classic riff and melody of "You Really Got Me" with their seminal British band The Kinks in 1964, some say "Hard Rock" was born. Regardless if you believe that statement or not, the genius and influence of songwriting great Ray Davies is indisputable. The induction of The Kinks into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 1990 only validated their rightful place among rock's elite bands.

Ray Davies: Not Like Everybody Else isn't a typical biography in the traditional sense, but rather, it examines the career of Davies and The Kinks single by single and album by album. The author academically analyzes Davies' songwriting and themes in an engaging and thoughtful way that adds much insight into the works of a true rock n roll demigod. Though this scholarly book will most likely appeal to fans of The Kinks (which I happen to be), fans of rock n roll history will gain some great insight into the 40 plus year career of a truly special and gifted songwriter.

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