Run Man Run by Chester Himes


Published in 1966 during the heart of the Civil Rights Movement, Run Man Run tells the story of Jimmy, an African American worker who witnesses Walker, a caucasian police detective, murder two coworkers while in a drunken rage. After identifying the detective to the authorities, Jimmy finds himself targeted by Walker because he's the only one who can testify about the shootings. This racially charged novel focuses on the inability of the establishment to take Jimmy's word as truth against one of their own. The dirty streets of Harlem offers the perfect backdrop for this gritty, hard-boiled tale of truth, deception and eventually, redemption. Check catalog for availability.

Himes also created the first two African American detectives in literature, Coffin Ed and Gravedigger Jones, who appeared in many detective novels that were labeled "The Harlem Cycle." His most famous work from that series is Cotton Comes to Harlem.

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