I can has lybearee book?


I can has cheezburger? : a LOLcat collekshun Professor Happycat & icanhascheezburger.com by Eric Nakagawa, 2008

The website icanhascheezburger.com began in 2007 as the brainchild of Eric Nakagawa, a.k.a. “Cheezburger”. Nakagawa posted an image macro of a crazed looking grey cat with the caption, “I can has cheezburger?”, spawning an extremely popular blog and a new dialect based on internet slang (lolspeak). The blog also spun off into the LOLcat Bible Translation project, which translates the bible into lolspeak, and LOLCODE, a computer programming language. This book is a collection of the most popular and humorous LOLcats from the blog. This is definitely a book for animal lovers and pop culture junkies alike.

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