The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story by Richard Preston


The history of haemorrhagic fevers caused by viruses like ebola and Marburg are described in this truly scary book. Originating in the jungles of Zaire (now The Democratic Republic of the Congo) and Sudan in the 1970's, ebola has become one of the most dreaded and deadly diseases known to man. According tp the World Health Organization, between 1976 and 2005 there have been 1871 confirmed cases of ebola with 1296 of those resulting in death because there is no known cure.
Preston painstakingly describes the effects this shocking disease has on the body and outlines how The Center For Disease Control (CDC) finally identified the horrible virus that was terrorizing entire villages in Africa.
Even more terrifying is a chapter that describes how an outbreak of a strain of the ebola virus hit a monkey storage facility in Reston, Virginia and the steps a secret military team took to contain the outbreak and prevent the disease from reaching nearby Washington D.C.
Well documented, well written and truly terrifying, this shocking true story is the scariest I've ever read.

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This book was the inspiration for the 1995 Dustin Hoffman film titled Outbreak.

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