Ulysses: Departures, Journeys & Returns. The Artwork of Andrew Schoultz.


Ulysses: Departures, Journeys & Returns. The Artwork of Andrew Schoultz. (2007)

Andrew Schoultz (b. 1975) was born and raised in Milwaukee. A graduate of Pius XI High School with an affinity for skateboarding and graffiti he moved to San Francisco in 1997. Upon arrival he immersed himself in the Mission District's street mural scene and quickly made his mark. He later received a Fine Arts degree from SF's Academy of Art University and his work has since moved from the streets to galleries and museums worldwide.

This book highlights a ten year span of his prolific output - from his early loosely Dr. Seuss-ian sprawlings to his current obsessively-detailed epic battlescapes. While recurring images, symbols and themes have shifted and evolved along the way, Schoultz consistently delivers an eyeful and then some. Check catalog for availabilty.

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