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The Wild Parrots Of Telegraph Hill : A Love Story ... With Wings by Mark Bittner (2004)

After reading about Mark Bittner in the news and on the internet, I couldn't wait for his book and film to be released. I was excited to learn about a population of wild parrots in San Francisco and interested in learning more. In both the book and the film you learn about Mark, the entire flock, and the individual parrots within the flock. If you're a bird lover this is a wonderful heartwarming story that lives on in the flock that still thrives today in California. Check catalog for availability.


The Parrot Who Owns Me : The Story Of A Relationship by Joanna Burger (2001)

Burger writes a thoroughly entertaining book about the highs and lows of adopting an adult parrot. In perfect detail, she describes her parrot Tiko's behavior and personality. Tiko's transition into a new home was terribly difficult for both himself and his new owners. His new life begins withdrawn, depressed, and sometimes aggressive. With time he becomes happy, content and loving. Although the story was sometimes sad, I enjoyed reading about Tiko's intelligence and transition, as well as Burger's patience and diligence to make the best life possible for Tiko. Check catalog for availability.


Elsewhere In The Land Of Parrots by Jim Paul (2003)

I can't help picking up a book that has a parrot on the cover. I am always curious to see if the author actually knows anything about parrots and how they fit them into the story. This story is well written in that aspect and the characters and storyline are just as interesting as the parrots. It all begins a bit slow, but picks up after the characters and plot have been developed. Don't be fooled by the cover (unless you simply love parrots), Paul writes an interesting book about the relationship of a couple while they are on a South American adventure. Check catalog for availability.


The Final Solution : A Story Of Detection by Michael Chabon (2004)

In 1944 a mute German boy and his parrot wander through the English countryside into the life of a retired detective. The unusual pair bring with them a dangerous mystery with a remarkable resolution. Check catalog for availability.

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Thanks for the article. I saw a documentary just the other day about the parrots in San Francisco. Very sad that parrots end up outside and so many are in need of good homes.

Thanks again




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