Smoked: A Thriller by Patrick Quinlan


This raging novel should come equipped with an airbag to cushion the blunt-force explosion of words in this action jammed tale of hit men, betrayal and absurd love.

Lola was enjoying a peaceful, quiet life practicing martial arts and working as a school aide with her librarian roommate Pamela and her older boyfriend Smoke, until some “businessmen” identified Smoke as a former bomb-maker for the mob! It seems Smoke disappeared a few years back with a couple of million dollars in mob money that they wanted returned. They also wanted Smoke dead.

Unable to locate Smoke after an unsuccessful kidnapping attempt, some hit men decide to set a trap for Smoke by holding Lola and Pamela as bait. What ensues is a detonation of violence and retribution that leads to love and forgiveness. Wearing a bullet-proof vest is recommended while reading this bombastic story!

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