The Lions of Iwo Jima by Major General Fred Haynes (USMC-Ret) and James A. Warren


The bloody battle for Iwo Jima during WWII will always be remembered for the iconic photo of six Marines raising the flag atop Mt. Suribachi. The Pulitzer Prize winning photo captures one moment in a battle that lasted over a month and would eventually claim over 23,000 casualties with over 6,000 Marines and Sailors killed in action. All of this carnage came on an island measuring 8 square miles! The men who raised the flag in the famous photo were members of Combat Team 28 of the 5th Marine Division. The history of Combat Team 28 on Iwo Jima is told through official records, and more interestingly, through the personal recollections of Major General Fred Haynes, who was a captain during the battle. His observations, along with others from Marines who were there, tell the real story here. They tell a tale of determination, brotherhood and sacrifice.

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