Broken for You by Stephanie Kallos


Sometimes the best “families” are not connected by blood or marriage. Septuagenarian Margaret has just received a dismal prognosis from her doctor. She lives alone in a grand old Seattle mansion crammed full of valuable antique porcelain obtained by her late father by criminal means. Margaret decides to take in a boarder, & this decision transforms her life. Wanda is the boarder who at age 34 is suffering from a broken heart. The women forge a close relationship and open up their home and hearts to others.

The book is peopled by eccentric, lonely and likeable characters (including some ghosts) who demonstrate that you can spend your life searching for someone or something that might already be right in front of you.
It’s possible for broken porcelain as well as shattered hearts and bodies to be made whole again. I found this very off-beat novel to be a great read.

I had actually been looking for Kallos’ new book, Sing Them Home, but all copies were checked out. You can bet I’m now on the hold list for it.
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