Feasting on Asphalt: The River Run

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Feasting on Asphalt: The River Run by Alton Brown (c2008)

In 2007, Alton Brown (of Food Network fame) embarked on a motorcycle journey that ran the entire length of the Mississippi River. Beginning at the Gulf of Mexico and ending in Minnesota, this combination travel diary/photo journal/cookbook wonderfully documents his stops along the way. Especially those that involved eating. Recipes are presented for the best of the authentic regional roadside fare that he encountered, including one for koolickles (aka Kool-Aid pickles). Both fun to read and to look at, this is definitely a refreshing change of pace from the typical cookbook format. Check catalog for availability.

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A brand new cookbook in a similar vain i.e. atypical is King Adz's Urban Cookook. Adz is a graphic designer and so this is a travelogue from an artists point of view. The author features artists, playlists, goings on, shops, and includes some recipes. The cities he highlights are Paris, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam & London. The reader glimpses a visually rich slice of the city along with technically simple, regional recipes. This is a cookbook unlike any other. Visually, a feast!




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