The Last Time I Was Me by Cathy Lamb


The Last Time I Was Me by Cathy Lamb

Lamb creates a witty, intelligent and impulsive main character - Jeanne Stewart - whose blunt retorts and actions race almost as fast as her lightning speed thoughts. This behavior lands her in a court ordered anger management class (and a precarious law suit). For one class assignment Jeanne decides to free herself from her anger by running naked at night along a river in her new home town. This, like many of Jeanne's actions, puts her in an intense predicament when she runs full steam into a man standing by the river. Jeanne immediately thinks, "What's the etiquette in this situation? I could see Emily Post: After running naked along a river and knocking over a strange man, make sure that you sincerely thank him for his time and efforts while politely shaking his hand. Send a note of appreciation in the mail the next day expressing your gratitude."

Lamb writes an intriguing story with an abundance of colorful and unpredictable characters which I came to care for, including "Naked Run Man." I swiftly read to the very end of the book to see what happened to Jeanne, her law suit, and the other people in her life. Check catalog for availability.

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