The Women by T.C. Boyle


In 1932 Tadashi Sato, a Japanese apprentice, comes to Taliesin to work for Frank Lloyd Wright. For nine years he stays and living in Spring Green, Wisconsin he sees Wrights’ many moods and experiences his ego. Yet, he regards him as a genius and influence.

But this story is not so much about Wright as it is the women in his life. Like him, they are passionate, spontaneous and determined. His first wife, Kitty is so devoted to Wright she believes he’ll return to her even though his affection is clearly now given to Mamah Cheney, an early feminist who is brutally murdered at Taliesin. His second wife, Maud, quite a complex character, is a morphine addict with a mean jealous streak. His last love and third wife, Olgivanna pretends to be Wright’s housekeeper while pregnant with his out-of-wedlock child.

If this isn’t enough to intrigue you, there are two fires which burn Taliesin to the ground, significant financial troubles, a gang of reporters and an abundance of legal issues. Check catalog for availability.




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