Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen


Madcap mayhem abounds in this deliciously demented thriller. When millionaire eco-terrorist Twilly Spree spies litterbug Palmer Stoat tossing trash from his Range Rover while driving through Florida, Spree's need for anger management counseling shines bright. Incensed by Stoat's disrespect of the environment, Spree kidnaps the litterbugs' labrador and wife!
What ensues is a rollicking romp of farcical exploits that involves protecting a pristine Floridian island from a developer who has an unhealthy obsession with Barbie Dolls; a crazy ex-governor who is fond of roadkill for dinner, and a hit man who enjoys sexual romps while listening to emergency calls! The double entendre of the title fits most characters in this book!

Though outrageously themed and paced, the heart of this book tells a story of corrupt politicians, unscrupulous developers and a environmental extremist who loves puppies and fights the good fight by extraordinary means.

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For more Floridian funnies, try Tim Dorsey and Dave Barry.

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