Ashes by Kenzo Kitakata


Ashes by Kenzo Kitakata (c2003)

Kenzo Kitakata ranks among Japan's most popular and prolific contemporary authors and his work has been the recipient of numerous literary awards. In Ashes, what many consider to be his masterpeice, Kitakata explores the inner world of the yakuza (i.e. the Japanese mob), focusing on a middle-aged, mid-career member named Tanaka. Tanaka is a complex man - muttering, brooding and violent, yet at the same time intensely meditative and reflective. The text is sparse to the point of being at times poetic but simmers along enticingly, hitting a full on boil on key occassions.

Highly recommended - especially to fans of hardboiled fiction. Check catalog for availability.

- submitted by Tom @ MPL Central




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