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Hold Love Strong by Matthew Aaron Goodman


This glance at survival in the projects as a family fights with the demons of incarceration, drug addiction and death is one of the most powerful coming-of-age stories I’ve read.

Abraham is born on the bathroom floor of his grandmother’s apartment to a 13 year old girl in the Ever Park project. As he grows older, he dreams of living like the Huxtables, with a father like Bill Cosby. But, his reality is a mother turned crack addict and an uncle sent to prison. His grandmother does everything she can to keep the family together, but when Abraham’s cousin Donnel also goes to prison he’s ready to give up.

His girlfriend, Kaya, is determined to go to college and get out of the projects, but until Abraham is contacted by a recruiter from Brandeis he doesn’t think that possibility is open to him. Hoping for a scholarship, he’s encouraged and stays in school, successfully graduating. Check catalog for availability.

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