Still Alice by Lisa Genova


This is a scary book. Not Stephen King scary, but for anyone who has ever forgotten where they put something, and then found it later in a bizarre location, or who has ever felt that for some reason their brain is not fully engaged or operating properly, they will find this book disturbing from the get-go. Still Alice tells the story of Alice, a woman who has just turned 50 and been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. The story is told from Alice’s viewpoint throughout, and takes you on a rare journey into what it is like from the diseased person’s perspective as her brain slowly but surely loses the memories that have been built over 50 years, much like diodes dying out one by one on an electronics game. The most disturbing part of this book is her realization of what is occurring. Like I said, it’s scary! The book also brings to the surface the frustrating quest for medications to control and slow down the process, and the lack of support available for those who are suffering. This is Lisa Genova’s first book, and I hope there will be more from her. Anyone who enjoys reading Wally Lamb will enjoy Still Alice. Check catalog for availability.

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