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Havana by Stephen Hunter


The third entry in this historical fiction series featuring Arkansas state policeman Earl Swagger, a Medal of Honor winner during WWII, has the former marine assigned to bodyguard a U.S. congressman who is investigating mafia activity in Havana, Cuba in 1953. As the congressman wades through the debauchery and decadence of Havana without showing the slightest interest in anything related to the mafia, it becomes apparent to Earl that he’s become an unwilling participant in a cat and mouse game between American Intelligence and the Russians. It seems an upstart orator named Fidel Castro has been making a name for himself. One faction wants Castro dead, the other wants him as a puppet ruler and the mafia just wants everyone to leave. Earl, tired of being manipulated by fancily dressed politicians and mafia hotheads, decides to let his pistols do the talking. And they speak LOUDLY!

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