Laura Rider's Masterpiece by Jane Hamilton


This is a most interesting love triangle! Laura Rider, wants to become a writer, but currently owns and operates Prairie Wind Farms with her husband Charlie in Hartley, Wisconsin. Everyone in Hartley thinks Charlie is gay, but really, he’s quite gifted and enthusiastic about his sexual expertise with women. Then there is Jenna Faroli, a syndicated public radio show host who moves to town because it’s in between the radio station and the courthouse where her husband works. Laura has listened to Jenna on the radio for years and worships her, so when she moves to town, she can’t wait to become friends.

Laura has told Charlie that she no longer wishes to have a sexual relationship with him and as it turns out, Jenna’s husband hasn’t shown any desire for her since shortly after they were married, years ago. A chance meeting brings Charlie and Jenna together and they begin corresponding via e-mail. But, Laura is afraid Charlie will alienate her with his frivolity and so writes messages herself, but sends them as though they’re from Charlie. Eventually, Jenna and Charlie meet for ‘coffee,’ and things start to spin out of control.

All the characters undergo various transformations as the story progresses and it was really interesting to see everything come together, or fall apart, if you will. This is quite a departure from The Book of Ruth, and A Map of the World, but I enjoyed this sharply observed domestic satire. Check catalog for availability.




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