The Sculpture of Deborah Butterfield

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Deborah Butterfield. by Robert Gordon ; introduction by Jane Smiley ; essay by John Yau ; poems by Vicki Hearne.

I first discovered the work of Deborah Butterfield in a Chicago gallery many years ago. Since then I have seen her pieces at museums and galleries throughout the United States. I never fail to find something new and interesting when looking at her sculptures. Her amazing use of a wide variety of materials include: mud, sticks, wood, steel, bronze, various kinds of found objects, and more. Her main subject is that of the horse. All of the pieces I have seen are life size. This book has numerous photographs of her works and one photograph of her studio that I find fascinating. The text gives biographical information as well as information about the process Butterfield goes through to create her sculptures. Check catalog for availability.

Submitted by Paula N. @ MPL Central

1 Comment

I have seen several Deborah Butterfield horse sculptures in museums and other exhibitions. Just like a live horse, their size is intimidating but kind.




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