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The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton


Last year I read Ms. Morton’s debut novel, The House at Riverton and was captivated by her storytelling—her sophomore effort is even better. The characters are unforgettable and as I wound through the twists and turns of the plot I was completely spellbound.

In 1913 a four year old girl is put on a ship headed for Australia. She believes the person who brought her is playing a game and will be back to collect her shortly, however, she is left alone with merely a suitcase and a book of fairy tales. Fortunately, the dockmaster realizes she’s unaccompanied when the ship disembarks and he and his wife take her in, and, when no one comes looking for her, raise her as their own.

On her 21st birthday, her wedding day, they tell her the truth. Nell, as she has become known, is heartbroken and heads to England to attempt to find out who her real family is and who she really is. She finds her way to the Cornish coast, to a place called Blackhurst Manor, owned by the Mountrachet family. Secrets abound within the grounds of the Manor, but due to various unforeseen circumstances, Nell is not able to continue her search.

It isn’t until her death, when she wills a Cottage on the Manor grounds to her granddaughter, Cassandra, that the puzzle starts to come together. Cassandra finds a forgotten garden and deciphers many, many undisclosed facts about her family. Check catalog for availability.

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