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The Mighty Queens of Freeville by Amy Dickinson


Amy Dickinson, “Ask Amy” syndicated advice columnist (she took over after Ann Landers) and an NPR contributor, has written this memoir of her life as a single mom. Surprisingly, she has written a book that is not overly obsessed with her. Instead, each chapter reads like a short story that involves the various people in her life and how they contributed to, or have shaped, her life. Initially, her life is split between Washington, D.C. and Freeville, NY (summers), and later Chicago when she becomes “Ask Amy.” Her daughter grows up through the pages, but never once did I feel that I was being fed a “poor me, I’m a single mother” tale. Instead, “the mighty queens of Freeville” (Queens is actually the name of the diner where the whole family gathers for breakfast on Wednesday mornings), which are her aunts, sisters, mother and the town she grew up in form the village that she turns to for advice and guidance. I think Amy writes honestly and in straight-forward fashion. This was a very satisfying and enjoyable read. Check catalog for availability.

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