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Devil's Garden by Ace Atkins


In September of 1921, famed silent movie comedian Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle decided to go to San Francisco for a much needed vacation. He took out rooms at the exquisite St. Francis Hotel and prepared to have a few days filled with prohibition era illegal booze, friends and women. Instead, what he got was a dead actress, an end to his thriving career and an unwanted role in one of history’s most notorious trials.
A Pinkerton detective assigned to investigate the death is none other than future mystery writer Dashiell Hammett, who discovers a link between Arbuckle and notorious publishing czar William Randolph Hearst and his movie star mistress Marion Davies.
Devil’s Garden is an interesting and well written historical novel that deftly intertwines historical fact with the lives of many famous Hollywood stars of the silent era. It even includes a brief interlude where Hearst accidentally shoots his good friend Tom Ince while yachting because he mistook him for Charlie Chaplin, who had been romantically linked to Marion Davies.
This fun book of historical fiction will especially be appealing to fans of silent movies and the stars that appeared in them.

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