The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman


Known for novels with morsels of magic, this is no exception and it’s also just a tad creepy at times. In a small town on Long Island we meet Elv, Meg and Claire Story who live with their mother, Annie, after a bad divorce. The girls are quite affected by their father moving on and create a fairy tale world complete with its own language, Arnish.

The three sisters are very close and share an attic bedroom, but eventually the horrors of the real world intrude on the girls as Elv is hurt by a bad man. Claire is with her during part of the event and they vow to never tell anyone. As a result, Elv starts acting out by using drugs, sleeping around and stealing.

This isn’t a happy novel, in fact; it made me tear up a couple of times due to the weighty sadness and culmination of heartbreaking events. But I didn’t want to put it down because there was also a sense of hope, that good would conquer evil, and I was so invested in the characters I needed to know how things would turn out. I’m still thinking of them now… Check catalog for availability.

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