Labor Day by Joyce Maynard


Labor Day weekend is just around the corner and 13 year old Henry is lonely and bored with watching TV, reading and daydreaming. In Holton Mills, New Hampshire his only companion is his long-divorced mother, Adele and his hamster, Joe. Adele seldom leaves the house and although Henry gives it all the energy he can, she is still miserable.

Then, just before Labor Day, a puzzling thing happens. A guy named Frank shows up, bleeding, no less, and asks Henry for help. The next week brings some invaluable lessons for Henry, like how to throw a baseball, what jealousy and betrayal feels like and perhaps most importantly, what real love is.

Try this novel if you like Ian McEwan or Nick Hornby. Maynard tells her tale with poignancy and watching Henry as a teenager and as the man he later becomes as a result of one blistering and unexpected weekend is breathtaking. Check catalog for availability.

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