That Old Cape Magic by Richard Russo


Jack Griffin is 50 years old and is none too pleased to realize he's inherited his parents' negativity and selfishness. His wife, Joy, is tired of his unhappiness and restlessness. And Jack is doing his best, though unconsciously, to destroy the things he holds most dear.

The story goes back and forth in time, showing us Jack's memories and regrets as well as how he's currently handling things. His father thought there was something magical about the Cape and Jack hopes if he surrounds himself with its beauty, then maybe it will triumph over his own problems. Even though a change of scenery may renew a relationship, it can't fix everything...

Although this novel addresses some serious life changes and issues, it remains easy to read because Russo knows just when to add a comic moment. I loved reading about this year in Jack's life and enjoyed the nostalgia of remembering and thinking about my own family vacations and relationships. Check catalog for availability.

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