The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham


Ken Masen, in the hospital with his eyes bandaged, awakens to a collapsing society brought upon by a green meteor shower that left everyone who witnessed it blind. After un-bandaging his eyes, Ken, able to see, wanders through a chaotic London populated by panicked and unruly blind people until he meets Josella, who can also still see. Together, they discover a group of other sighted people led by a disturbed man named Beadley.
While this bedlam is occurring, it seems man-eating plants named triffids, which can walk and communicate amongst themselves, are "walking" amok and preying on the weak and blind!
This fascinating story of morality and evil almost left me rooting for the repugnant plants to eat everybody! Truly a post World War II science fiction classic, Day of the Triffids should be savored for its shockability and pure ol' wackiness! Highly recommended.

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