The Unicorn Tapestries : Fact and Fiction

The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier.


Chevalier submerges readers into medieval Europe with this riveting story. The characters come to life revealing every aspect of average medieval life. Chevalier gives a perspective from medieval merchants struggling for a living rather than that of the royalty which much of medieval historical fiction is based. Awkward tensions build between characters and a sense of urgency builds as the weavers rush to complete the unicorn tapestries on time for their patrons. Check catalog for availability.

For more information about Tracy Chevalier and the history of the unicorn tapestries visit the author's website.

A Walk Through the Cloisters text by Bonnie Young .


For more information about the unicorn tapestries see this book. Check catalog for availability.

The Cloisters : Medieval Art and Architecture by Peter Barnet and Nancy Wu.


For more information about the Cloisters in general see this book. Check catalog for availability.

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