The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club by Gil McNeil


While I am an avid knitter, this is the first fiction knitting book I have read. Initially, it starts out a little slow, but when a famous movie star enters the picture, the book becomes delightfully entertaining. Jo, the lead character in the book, is a recently widowed mother of two boys who has been offered to take over her grandmother's knitting shop located along the English seashore. Desperate to begin life anew, Jo packs up her kids and belongings and heads for the seashore. Taking over her grandmother's knit shop can be dicey when dealing with her assistant who has worked under her grandmother for many years and likes the old familiar ways. But Jo manages to introduce new yarns, new decorations, and new ways, including a stitch and bitch group, and gradually makes a place and name for herself in the small town. And, as I imagine these books are designed to do, I imagine knitting the many things she describes in the book and trying out all the luscious yarns. Loving all things English, as well, the language and rituals of English life make this a fun read. Check the catalog for availability.

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