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The White Queen : Cousins' War ; Book One by Philippa Gregory


The White Queen : Cousins' War ; Book One by Philippa Gregory.

In this novel Philippa Gregory gives another entertaining fictionalized account of British history. As in her previous novels, Gregory's imagined dialog creates a complete vision of what historical characters' personalities may have been like. The narrator, the beautiful Elizabeth Woodville, is determined and feisty. Her husband, the glorious King Edward IV, is confident and persistent. His brothers, George and Richard, soon to be the infamous King Richard III, are portrayed as nefarious traitors. All together these personalities, and others, crash against one another, forcing brother against brother and perpetuating the civil war between the Lancaster and York houses. Check catalog for availability.


The Sunne In Splendour : A Novel of Richard III by Sharon Kay Penman.

If you like Philippa Gregory's book above then perhaps you'll like Sharon Kay Penman's rendition as well. In this case, I much prefer Penman's version of the Elizabeth, Edward and Richard story. Penman portrays richly developed characters and offers other plausible motives and personalities that could have shaped the history that we know today. Unlike most other fiction and non-fiction histories, Penman shows Richard in a sympathetic light, a character forced into an unwelcomed position and life. Check catalog for availability.


King Richard III by William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare's vision of the infamous King Richard III character overshadows all others. Shakespeare portrays Richard as one of history's most evil, manipulative and conniving figures. King Richard's tyranny involves outstanding murders and mayhem that will continue to inspire authors and entertain audiences throughout time. Check catalog for availability.

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