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Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner


Best friends forever. That's what Addie Downs and Valerie Adler will be, or at least, that's what Addie believes when Valerie moves in across the street when they're both 9 years old. But the usual turmoil of the teen years causes angst and betrayals. Val starts hanging with the 'in' crowd, a cheerleader, while Addie remains mousy and brooding.

Then we flash forward to their fifteen year high school reunion. Val is a celebrity of sorts as a weathergirl at the local TV station and Addie lives alone in her parents' house caring for her troubled brother. She is trying to find Mr. Right via Internet dating, and after returning home from bad date #6 (he thinks he was abducted by aliens), she finds her long lost friend Val, standing there scared and with blood on her coat. Will Addie come to the rescue of her friend Val, who pretty much abandoned her back in high school? Or will she leave her to fend for herself? Check catalog for availability.

Submitted by Jacki @ MPL Central


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