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Chinatown Beat by Henry Chang

Chinatown Beat by Henry Chang (c2006)

Police detective Jack Yu is an American-born Chinese assigned to the Chinatown streets of his youth where the local residents have no trust in the mostly non-Chinese NYPD. When a crime takes place the locals go mum and it falls on Yu to piece together any clues he can gather. In Chinatown Beat, which is Chang's first installment of the Detective Jack Yu Investigation series, Yu is investigating both a serial rapist targeting juvenile Asian girls and the murder of a Chinese mob boss. Chang delivers the story in compact chapters with noirish undertones, while deftly intertwining the point of view between different key characters. The writing is such that one can easily visualize the action taking place in a pleasing movie-like fashion. It all makes for an excellent debut novel. Check catalog for availability.

- submitted by Tom @ MPL Central


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