South of Broad by Pat Conroy


Leopold Bloom King, so named by his mother because she is a Joycean expert, abhors his name and all the rituals that his mother assigns to it. Given that, he is perhaps the most interesting character I have come across in a long time. The story begins when Leo is in high school, undergoing therapy and on probation for an attempted suicide and possession of drugs. As part of the payback for the grief he has put his mother through, she makes him caretaker of seven other individuals his age, all from very different walks of life, including two whose father is a serial killer. As he helps these seven fit into the school, they begin a lifelong friendship that takes them all through many experiences, good and bad. I loved this book, all the while feeling that I was a part of their friendship. Conroy is a master at the element of surprise. Check catalog for availability.

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