Little Bird of Heaven by Joyce Carol Oates

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In the front of Ms. Oates' latest book there is a bibliography of the books she has written over the years. With a few exceptions, Oates has written a book a year starting in 1964. Her latest is Little Bird of Heaven. When I started this book, I didn't think I was going to like it. It's not a particularly nice story. But as I continued to read, I got absorbed into the story, and into the lives of the characters, particularly of Krista Diehl, a little girl when the story begins, caught up in a tragic death that changes her world and breaks apart the lives of those she loves. The story is also told from the perspective of Aaron Kruller, another innocent victim of the tragedy. And because of the tragedy, their lives are thrown together, albeit haphazardly. So, in a sense, it's also a love story. As an aside, when I was in college, I remember Oates was one of the authors we studied in a literature course. I don't remember what we determined about her writing, but an interesting characteristic that runs rampant in this book is her use of very long sentences. One sentence started mid page on one side of the book and finished a few lines down on the next page. I think this adds somewhat to the tenebrous tone of the book. Check catalog for availability.

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