Far North by Marcel Theroux

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Stories of human survival in a post apocalyptic setting are not unfamiliar, but when finely crafted and well written, they can be fresh, thought provoking, and lovingly bleak. The inevitable comparison to Cormac McCarthy's The Road aside, Far North is a captivating tale of perseverance and survival. Set in the far northern section of Siberia after civilization is decimated by a global warming disaster and nuclear contamination, Makepeace Hatfield is the sole survivor of her settlement. She lives a solitary life spent patrolling an empty town with her precious guns and horse. After seeing an airplane crash, Makepeace realizes there must be some advanced civilization left in the world and sets out to find it. Her quest is filled with loneliness, desolation and hardship, much like the barren wastelands and empty cities through which she travels. Though the world she lives in is fraught with violence and fear, Makepeace is a woman of exceptional strength and the driving force of this novel.

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