The United States Coast Guard in World War II by Thomas P. Ostrom

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The often overlooked history of the U.S. Coast Guard in WWII is finally given its just rewards in this well researched study of both domestic and overseas actions that the USCG participated in during the war. From fighting Japanese submarines at Pearl Harbor to landing Marines at Guadalcanal; from protecting freighters carrying essential supplies to England from the Nazi wolf packs in the frigid North Atlantic to safeguarding the shipyards in Wisconsin from saboteurs, the USCG played an active and important role in the U.S. winning the war. I found a chapter of personal recollections about duty in the Pacific to be very interesting. Quotations and memories from then active duty Coast Guard, Navy, Army and Marine personnel tell the real story of how important the Coast Guard was to every branch of the military. The chapter on D-Day and the role the Coast Guard played in the invasion of Europe was also engrossing because I had previously assumed that was a Navy operation. Meticulously researched and filled with eye-popping photos, this book will be of interest to military and history buffs.

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