The Alternative Hero by Tim Thornton


All comparisons to Nick Hornby aside, I found this debut novel from British musician Thornton to be a clever examination of pop stardom, fan obsession and the connections between people who both make and love rock n roll music.
In the late 1980's, at the dawn of "alternative music," high schooler Clive begins a life long fixation with the Thieving Magpies, an alternative band lead by abrasive singer Lance Webster. As both Clive and the Thieving Magpies age and mature, so do the parallels between them. This is a fun book loaded with references regarding the "alternative" and "Britpop" music scene of the 1990's and the fans that made them relevant, but I think the real strength of this novel are the realistic voices and artful storytelling that melds the past with the present, making the future a worthwhile endeavor.

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