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The Darkest Summer-Pusan and Inchon 1950: The Battles that Saved South Korea-And the Marines-From Extinction by Bill Sloan


During the summer of 1950, North Korean troops invaded South Korea and continued their offensive towards the key port city of Pusan. General MacArthur, with his Army troops in full retreat, reluctantly called for U.S. Marines to stop the North Korean advance. The Marines did, indeed, stop the rampaging North Koreans and gave the Army some valuable time to regroup. After the Marines earlier success, MacArthur decided to use the First Marine Division to land behind the North Korean lines at the port of Inchon and sweep across the nation to retake Seoul and effectively free South Korea from occupation. Unfortunately, MacArthur then decided to invade North Korea, but that is another book!!! This is a finely written and detailed history of two key battles of the Korean War. Check Catalog Availability

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